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I'm really into computers and the digital age. I see the world in a certain way that really just makes computers easy for me. I just get it. And with all the new and wonderful things i see, i'm like a kid again. everyday... I look back in time and am just simply amazed that i was part of the era of computing. Call me a digital junkie or something, but whatever... :) As a kid we got our first computer. I quickly went to task to understanding it. Figure it out. Get it to do what i wanted it to do. I soon understood that if it did not, it was because i did not do something correct. not it. ME... I soon was introduced to phone modems. Yes, those horrible high pitched sounds. That to me was pure pleasure. I knew what was waiting on the other end. From independent systems, to BBS's, and finally the INTERNET. Not today's internet by any means. a simple cruel beast. But the internet no less. Each visit opened up a new doorway to a world that was never to be fully written. Each day more content was added and more people got on.... It spread... So here i sit, looking back over 29 years of use..... And everyday i still grin like that little kid i once was... Welcome to the Digital age...

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